Birthday Candles
Birthday Candles
Birthday Candles
Birthday Candles

Birthday Candles

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La Maison de Commerce now offers birthday candles based on ancestral know-how dating from the 15th century, in variations of pastel or natural shades. High, they will decorate your cakes and spread the light.

The diving manufacturing technique carried out for generations by a master candlemaker from the Ciergerie des Prémontrés, a Living Heritage company, allows for perfect flames: high, intense, regular, without smoke or streaks.

Placed in a “U” shape on wooden strips fixed to frames, the wicks are dipped into the wax several times. It is from this gesture that their unique conical shape comes and from this production process that their burning time is explained: up to twice as long as candles produced without this technique.

Preserving ancient manufacturing techniques also means defending unparalleled quality.

SHAPING Carved Wax
MATERIALS Bio cotton thread; Mineral and vegetable waxes
Cierges et Bougies

Candles and tapers, Master Candle Maker

If you want to learn more about this craftsman, it's ici !

Fait-Main oblige, tous nos objets sont des pièces uniques, même en petite série. A La Maison de Commerce, vous ne trouverez donc jamais 2 objets identiques, notamment celui de la photo et le vôtre. Ceci vous garantit son authenticité, sa beauté, et quelques irrégularités inhérentes à son façonnage par les meilleurs savoir-faire de France et d’Europe. Tous nos objets sont livrés avec un certificat d’authenticité délivré par La Maison de Commerce