Tableware from the Cyclades


Here the tradition goes back to antiquity.

The jars made in a small island of the Cyclades have always been delivered by boat throughout the Cyclades, and as far as Athens.

Nikos and his family’s pieces tell the story, the sea, the sun.

They contain a bit of that gentle wildness that characterizes the island.

The men of the family have been potters for more than a century.

The decorations, hand-painted.


The workshop is located north of a small island in the Cyclades, it has no exact address; neighbors guide us to Nikos, now in charge..

When summer arrives, production is intense. Priority is given to tableware, “best sellers”, vacationers.

The rest of the year, Nikos takes his time to create pieces sold in the beautiful neighborhoods of Athens.

The style of the family: a fair balance between perfection and irregularity, the simple beauty of designs, shapes and colors, the love of traditional cuisine..

Timeless, not to say eternal.