Coline De Masure


Coline De Masure takes centre stage

Coline De Masure's lampshade collections are defined by a taste for work well done and a strong penchant for spectacular pieces. A new recruit to the Maison de Commerce.

Coline De Masure spent her career as a fashion designer before working alongside antique dealers at the Saint Ouen flea market. The result is a cheeky mix of French classicism and baroque spirit in her lampshades. At first glance, her neo-lamp shades have it all. The balanced shapes and variable geometry of the motifs, which echo the prints of the theatre and the chic of Parisian couture, are wildly elegant. The cotton fabric lampshades, with their clever play on superimposed materials, are as much a tribute to the creations of Christian Lacroix as they are to the Comedia del Arte. The braids come to life in Coline's hands, and she works tirelessly to create the perfect lamp. Never seen before.