Nontronnaise cutlery


Here, knives have been made for several centuries and it is said that this knife is the oldest in France.

All the ingredients were reunited: iron ore (“nontronite”), already used by the Gallic people, the boxwood clumps for the raw material, and the very cold pure waters of the Bandiat, below the village, for the hardening of the blades.

Since 1928, this Cutlery has been pursuing this traditional know-how, where each craftsman manufactures their knife from start to finish, through the 35 operations involved in its production.

The blade is hot forged at the Forge de Laguiole before being assembled there; the handle is worked in precious woods such as ebony, amaranth, and more often boxwood, decorated with these legendary pyro-engraved dots and “flies”.

Today, the craft business has about twenty cutlers who collaborate with renowned designers every year.

Since 2010, the Cutlery has been labeled Living Heritage Company: recognition of its rare and ancestral know-how.