Beatriz Garrigo


A road going up in the Albères massif, the vegetation changes, the air becomes fresh.

Horses, the bells of a herd of goats in the distance…

A house resembling a piece of art, in which each ceramic tile, from floor to ceiling, has been shaped, painted and enameled by the hostess herself.

Beatriz works in a workshop overlooking nature through large windows.

She studied painting at the Beaux-Arts in Barcelona, her hometown. Then, on the other side of the Catalan border, she learned to turn the famous red earth of La Bisbal.

Each of her pieces are, in order, turned, dried, cooked, painted, cooked, enameled, and cooked a final time.

Mimosa, Pomegranate, Blue, Sunshine Yellow, Fish, Cement Grey, Flower, Peony Red, Charcoal Black; her colorful works are made for everyday use and sold in museums and art galleries.

Art and life are for her the same thing, made of joyful serenity, simplicity, beauty.

Image galerie Beatriz Garrigo