At La Maison de Commerce, we love beautiful everyday objects.

Simple, useful and essential. But also, sometimes, unnecessary and superfluous.

For us, everyday beauty lies in authenticity. That of the history and emotion of the know-how with which it was conceived and manufactured. For us, everyday beauty is timeless, transmittable and enduring.

It's because we want this kind of beauty to be shared and accessible that we travel across Europe to meet the best craftsmen and their products.

From these encounters was born La Maison de Commerce, our exclusive selection of everyday objects and exceptional know-how.

We'd like to share it with you, without intermediaries.

Two addresses, one destination


232 boulevard St Germain, 75007 Paris.

A new showcase, our Maison du Boulevard St Germain has been conceived and designed as a showcase for our editions and selected products. Each product is now presented and magnified in a decor that gives pride of place to blue. This place, which reflects our personality, is equipped with 60s furniture by Maison Regain to enhance our finds.


2 rue de Luynes, 75007 Paris.

The original cradle of the Maison de Commerce, our gallery on rue de Luynes is a living showcase. Designed as a living space, it is dedicated to events that highlight our craftsmen and our philosophy. With exhibitions, dinners and a host of upcoming collaborations, the rue de Luynes gallery is designed to immerse you in our world, sharing our favorites and discoveries throughout the year.