Candles and tapers


 The technique traces its roots back to the 15th century.

Manufacturing was established in the heart of the Alpilles in the mid-19th century. It served as a hub for the White Fathers who crafted candles for the Church. 

In 2009, a fire ravaged the historic workshops managed by the Chabrier family for over a century.

The last traditional candle maker in France nearly vanished, but it was rescued by the proprietors of a renowned Provençal house.

Now situated elsewhere, the company, acknowledged as a “living heritage company,” is under the guidance of Cathy, a master candle maker boasting decades of expertise. Her approach is infused with both banter and passion.

Layer by layer, candles are consistently crafted “with a ladle” or “à la plongée.”

Ingredients include mineral and plant-based waxes, mineral pigments, braided cotton (for the wick), time, and precision.

The work is delicate, protracted, and requires immense patience, demanding years of training.

The payoff? Exceptional burning time, bespoke diameters, and a controlled flame, emitting the perfect glow.

The film industry attests to its merit: producers and decorators know the address, as do cathedrals and churches.

It's all a matter of time…