Lavender Spindles


The lavender spindle was born in the 18th century, when Provence became a land of lavender cultivating to supply the perfumers from Grasse.

On summer evenings, women pick fresh sprigs of lavender, turn them over and weave them with recycled linen ribbon to lock in the scent.

The lavender spindle repels moths, perfumes your closets, and it is a promise of happiness for young couples.

The work is seasonal, domestic, never commercial. We work the strand the same day it is picked, when it is fresh.

Elsa learned how to make lavender spindles by watching her mother and grandmother make them. Very young, she began to sell her production on markets. Today, cultivating her own lavender, she is the only producer of lavender spindles in Provence. For the training and employment of prisoners, her company is part of the Social and Solidarity Economy and sells up to 3000 spindles of lavender per year, supplying individuals and professionals.

Life in purple.