LMDC Spanish tableware


Living ceramics since 1886

In the heart of the picturesque Spanish countryside, at the entrance to a small village with colorful facades, nestles a charming family business, heir to know-how handed down from generation to generation for 150 years.

This artisanal oasis is a hidden treasure, adorned with ceramics and family photos that tell the story of this region and the designs of yesteryear.

Through the small-paned windows, the light illuminates an infinite number of molds testifying to the accumulated expertise. The frescoes and plates on the walls depict the names and dates of celebrations in the surrounding villages.

Today, it's Adrian's turn to repeat the gestures he learned from his father. He is now alone with a painter to produce the ceramics that once supported a dozen people.

And it was with him that we designed this line of tableware, featuring the traditional designs and colors of the Valence region.

Pure blue and cheerful colors, free and lively brushstrokes, ancestral motifs, but tableware that's very much alive!