Spanish cashmere


Within these walls, we have been weaving a better future since 1983.

This future, Marta and Juan imagine it above all to be sustainable, both socially and environmentally.

They then created their weaving workshop near Barcelona with two objectives: to allow the professional and social integration of people with intellectual disabilities, and to encourage more responsible consumption through exceptional products.

Of the 5 wooden looms from the beginning – made with their own hands – as on the 22 looms that the workshop has today, the most delicate textiles are woven by hand, from the finest quality natural fibres.

The yaks and cashmere wool come from a cooperative of nomadic shepherds in Mongolia, the merino wool from a small ecological farm in Provence…

The technique, entirely manual, ancestral, offers details, “imperfections” to each of the pieces leaving the workshop.

Unique, singular pieces.

A singularity that Marta and Juan place at the heart of their work, combining tradition with their vision of the world of tomorrow.