Michel Le Guilcher


Michel is first and foremost a shoemaker. But he is attracted and interested by the wicker found in his garden.

He learns to cultivate it. Then to work it.

Today, Michel and Anne-Lise (his wife) cultivate 6 varieties of wicker on 3500 square meters.

Precise, rigorous, and long work: growing, protecting, cutting, sorting, baling, soaking, debarking…

The hands of the basket weaver then go into action, for hours on end, on the ground. Pleasure and demand seem to go hand in hand for him.

A combination not unrelated to his choice of life, between ecology and economy.

The baskets are stacked in the office-reserve of the house; they will later be displayed on the Breton markets.

The competition from the end of the world is tough, but the craftsman resists the price war:

Time has a value, beauty too.