Fisherman's Baskets


In a small street in Tortellà, a small Catalan town, the front of a shop as in a memory from a different time: sweets, toys, cigarettes too, books and newspapers are sold there. Two children are unpacking a new game. Their mother is busy. At the back, a glass door overlooks Dani’s kingdom: a basketry workshop.

The man speaks exclusively Catalan. He makes baskets so that the techniques do not get lost in the immensity of time.

Fisherman’s baskets, Celtic baskets, and other « cistellas » of all kinds.

Dani learns by making, by testing fibers, by exchanging with other basket weavers, in Catalonia, in France, and beyond.

He values his freedom, the simplicity of a life that he protects from vain ambitions; this simplicity where, according to him, beauty begins.

« Volem posar el nostre granet de sorra a fer que el món sigui un lloc més natural i bonic per viure, on la bellesa comenci en la simplicitat »