Pencil pot in pearwood - Large model
Pencil pot in pearwood - Large model

Pencil pot in pearwood - Large model

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As the saying goes, "a good worker always has good tools"... In this hand-turned Normandy pearwood pot, slip your pencils, brushes and all your other "good tools". All our pencil pots are unique pieces of absolute delicacy and finesse, made possible by the perfect craftsmanship of Antonis, an exceptional woodturner. Each of these pots is turned green, perfectly cylindrical from the start. Then, as it dries, the living wood deforms according to the tension points in its grain. The shape of the pencil pot is then revealed, each one random and particular... In just a few months, this pencil pot became one of our "best sellers", recognized by one of the biggest names in French interior design, to whom it introduced the work of woodturner Antonis. At La Maison de Commerce, we couldn't be happier than when we put the spotlight on our finest craftsmen!
SHAPING Turned by hand
MATERIALS Pear or Apple tree
Antonis Cardew

Antonis Cardew, Wood Turner

If you want to learn more about this craftsman, it's ici !

Because we're handmade, all our items are unique, even in small production runs. At La Maison de Commerce, you'll never find 2 identical objects, especially the one in the photo and yours. This guarantees its authenticity and beauty, as well as the few irregularities inherent in its manufacture by the best craftsmen in France and Europe. All our items are delivered with a certificate of authenticity issued by La Maison de Commerce.