Medium blown glass vase
Medium blown glass vase
Medium blown glass vase
Medium blown glass vase

Medium blown glass vase

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Created by Finnish designer Antrei Hartikainen, these beautiful landscape-like vases are made from wood and glass. They come in different sizes and colors: white, transparent, smoky gray, green-gray or amber, for a wide range of uses and decorative possibilities.
Each piece is unique, as it is mouth-blown in a carved wooden mold that is consumed during the creative process. This creative process has even given the collection its name: MELT.
WEIGHT 1,400
HEIGHT 25 cm
ORIGIN Finland
Antrei Hartikainen

Antrei Hartikainen, cabinetmaker

If you want to learn more about this craftsman, it's ici !

Because we're handmade, all our items are unique, even in small production runs. At La Maison de Commerce, you'll never find 2 identical objects, especially the one in the photo and yours. This guarantees its authenticity and beauty, as well as the few irregularities inherent in its manufacture by the best craftsmen in France and Europe. All our items are delivered with a certificate of authenticity issued by La Maison de Commerce.