Large Ceramic Domed Lid Pan
Large Ceramic Domed Lid Pan

Large Ceramic Domed Lid Pan

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Try it and you’ll love it! Thanks to its domed lid, this large stoneware pan turned and enameled in the Cyclades offers juicy, extra tender, incomparable cooking. As good news never comes alone, this frying pan can be used on just about anything: with the exception of induction cookers and the microwave, you can use it on electric or cookers, in the oven, in the wood oven, on a barbecue or even in a fireplace for your more rustic cooking. And the icing on the cake: it is easy to clean and dishwasher safe. The best of tradition and modernity, in your kitchen. 😉
WEIGHT 2,8 kg
SHAPING Turned and enamelled by hand
MATERIALS Ceramic, Stoneware
ORIGIN Cyclades – Greece
DIMENSIONS 41 × 26 cm

Antonis, Ceramist

If you want to learn more about this craftsman, it's ici !

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