Manta - "Arco-Iris" model
Manta - "Arco-Iris" model

Manta - "Arco-Iris" model

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In the past, shepherds in Portugal's rural Alentejo region would adorn themselves with these pure wool "mantas" (blankets) to protect themselves from the cold.
Today, while these "mantas" can still be used as blankets, they are also used as bed throws, wall hangings and graphic, contemporary rugs.
Each "manta" is unique, woven entirely by hand on 19th-century looms. Their traditional motifs and vibrant colors capture the very soul of the Alentejo region.
NB: To use your manta as a rug, just as for a "kilim", we advise you to lay a non-slip fabric underneath, so your rug won't move a hair. The colors and dimensions of our mantas can also be customized. Please do not hesitate to contact us directly.
ORIGIN Portugal
DIMENSIONS 1m80 x 2m20
Tapis Portugais

Portuguese rug, Weaver

If you want to learn more about this craftsman, it's ici !

Because we're handmade, all our items are unique, even in small production runs. At La Maison de Commerce, you'll never find 2 identical objects, especially the one in the photo and yours. This guarantees its authenticity and beauty, as well as the few irregularities inherent in its manufacture by the best craftsmen in France and Europe. All our items are delivered with a certificate of authenticity issued by La Maison de Commerce.