Our Beautifuls baskets

Whether utilitarian, decorative or simply misuded, baskets have more than one trick up their sleeve. Let's take a closer look at these nuggets of everyday life, available in wicker, wood or ceramic from La Maison de Commerce.


Timeless beyond time, wicker is the classic basket. Handmade by our Breton craftsman, it can be transformed to suit different shapes and uses. In its heart, it can hold jewellery, bread or chocolates, while in its raw form, it can be used for mushroom picking, collecting eggs or a trip to the market. In another version, it can be transformed into an elegant and sober wastepaper basket. Made in France, of course. From the Mediterranean, the paneres de mar technique combines a barked white wicker frame bound with a white cotton thread. A colourful traditional fisherman's basket.


Flexible and versatile, wood is also becoming, against all odds, the basket's best ally. Like a box, our made-in-Finland basket is just as cool in the home as it is on the arm of a fashionista, while in chestnut and willow this basket is endorsed by the British Royal Family.


Less expected but formidably elegant, whether retro or contemporary, ceramic baskets are at home in every style. An object that combines beauty, craftsmanship and handmade with panache. An authentic vintage treasure, Malicorne's ceramics are a testament to the beauty of the craftsmanship that was all the rage in the 1950s. We found some unique pieces from that decade in the workshop of Émile Tessier, who was the most renowned master potter at the time.
A nugget for arranging fruit or just for the pleasure of your eyes, just like the baskets with a raw aesthetic created by Claire Pain.