LMDC Wooden Tableware


A green hill dominates Lake Aiguebelette, in Savoy.

At its summit, an old house has become a place of collective life and activity whose inhabitants share laundry, workshop, daily life and garden.

In one of the outbuildings, nestled above the bakery, a small workshop bathed in sunlight mixes the smells of wood with that of fresh bread.

It is here that Baptou turns the wood to make tableware, decorative objects, games for children or jewelry.

His creations are entirely hand made, with care, patience and passion, using mainly local wood.

For him, « a wooden object is a combination, of the work of nature which makes the tree grow, the expertise of the craftsman who shapes it, and the pleasure of the one who uses it ».

The vision of the craftsman on his craft is similar to the alternative way of life he has chosen:

A real philosophy.