Antonis Cardew


He possesses intensely blue eyes, crystal-clear ideas, and profound expertise in his chosen medium: wood.

Antonis started his journey with solid wood in London before establishing himself amidst the serene landscapes of Normandy and the outskirts of Paris.

Not far from the expansive carpentry workshop he co-manages, in a modest room adorned with aromatic shavings and facing an open window, Antonis has arranged his lathe. Here, at his discretion, he transforms discarded wood fragments into everyday objects.

These objects embody absolute simplicity and finesse, at times enriched with the enduring touch of walnut oil.

The wood essences are meticulously selected from small, local sawmills that prioritize increasingly rare varieties such as apple, pear, cherry, or walnut.

A reverberation back to nature, to the quintessential.