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Jean-Michel et Vanessa, mattress and carders




The Pays d’Urfé, the Monts de la Madeleine, the Roanne plain, the Chemin de la Carderie, the Ban river…

There is an old building, secular workshops, and the sixth generation heir to a rare know-how: Jean Michel, accompanied by his wife Vanessa.

Comfort is their business; wool their specialty; this manufacture their history. Since 1838 and now labeled “living heritage company”.

Jean-Michel and Vanessa cultivate with happiness and modernity the values ​​of the rural world, select and transform the raw materials with great rigor: the wool is purchased in its raw state and at a fair price from breeders in the Massif Central, washed in the workshops and then dried in the sun. It then keeps all its properties, recognized by man since the dawn of time: thermoregulating, insulating, light, solid, elastic, practical, renewable, biodegradable, self-cleaning and antibacterial. Sustainable !

NB: Tradition of the quilters obliges, the House signs its creations with the point of sewing. It takes almost two days to make a mattress.


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