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Jane, Breton woodcarver




Jane and her husband Peter have left a university life in England to settle near a small village in the Côtes d’Armor.

The house, the furniture, the jams, the spoons: everything at home is handmade. Cosy, precise, and “cup of tea”.

Autodidacte mais fine historienne, douée de ses mains depuis l’enfance, Jane est Self-taught but a fine historian, gifted with her hands since childhood, Jane has become in a few years the world reference for the Breton ceremonial spoon, this wooden spoon skilfully carved by choice craftsmen, often folding, appointed for life, and that men slipped into the pocket of their jacket for special occasions (wedding being traditionally the great collective occasion in Brittany: to share the expenses and to celebrate the harvest, we married on the same summer day around a common banquet).

Jane produces little, and at her own pace.

She only carves Breton green wood, boxwood, apple tree, pear tree… With an axe, knives, and time spent in her workshop-winter garden.

Each piece is a jewel of details, hollows, patterns, injected color, inlaid pewter.

Jane competes with these men of the past whose works are now stored in the Quimper museum.

Works made for every day.


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