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Pont l’Abbé, capital of Pays Bigouden. It is here in a beautiful granite building, both store and workshop that Gildas and his wife welcome.

The story begins before the Second World War: Marie-Anne, Gildas’ mother and a woman of character, makes dolls before developing an embroidery and tapestry business.

The best hands and the best eyes of Pays Bigouden then nourished the history and reputation of the factory.

In the 1970s, the business was flourishing and employed up to 300 embroiderers to produce linens, decorative pieces, traditional costumes, religious banners, dolls and sewing clothes.

Hangings and prints are created in collaboration with the greatest artists of the region such as Mathurin Méheut, Pierre Toulhoat, Dom Robert, or even René-Yves Creston.

Then? Recently taken over by a passionate local entrepreneur, who has built through his precious network of embroiderers, but also spinners, printers, garment makers, designers, all driven by the same desire: the transmission of this unique expertise and its history.

« Je ne fais pas Breton, je fais Beau »(“I Don’t do Breton, I do Beautifil”), the motto of Bigouden embroiderers has a bright future ahead of it.


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