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Lavender spindle


The lavender spindle was born in the 18th century, when Provence became a land of lavender cultivating to supply the perfumers from Grasse. On summer evenings, women pick fresh sprigs of lavender, turn them over and weave them with recycled linen ribbon to lock in the scent.

The lavender spindle repels moths, perfumes your closets, and it is a promise of happiness for young couples.

Each spindle is unique, the color of its ribbon, satin or linen, a surprise!

NB: According to tradition, lavender spindles are to be kept for 46 years in homes, then are to be thrown out to celebrate “noces de lavande”: 46 years of marriage! Pressed on its woven part on a regular basis, the spindle diffuses its scent for 5 years and a few drops of lavender essential oil increase its lifespan. For the record, you need about 4 meters of ribbon for each bobbin.

Fait-Main oblige, tous nos objets sont des pièces uniques, même en petite série.

A La Maison de Commerce, vous ne trouverez donc jamais 2 objets identiques,
notamment celui de la photo et le vôtre.

Ceci vous garantit son authenticité, sa beauté,
et quelques irrégularités inhérentes à son façonnage par les meilleurs savoir-faire de France et d’Europe.

Tous nos objets sont livrés avec un certificat d’authenticité délivré par La Maison de Commerce.

Hand-made being a prerequisite, all our objects are unique pieces, even in small series.

At La Maison de Commerce, you will never find 2 identical objects, including the one in the photo and yours.

This guarantees its authenticity, beauty, and some irregularities inherent in its shaping by the best expertise in France and Europe.

All our objects are delivered with a certificate of authenticity issued by La Maison de Commerce.

Dimensions 28 cm

Lavender sprigs, Linen ribbon, Satin ribbon




Genuine Lavender Spindles Si vous souhaitez en apprendre davantage sur cet artisan, c'est par ici Découvrir Genuine Lavender Spindles

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