Matières, objets et manufactures d'Europe

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Matières, objets et manufactures du continent européen.

Matières, objets et manufactures du continent européen.

Matières, objets et manufactures du continent européen.

Matières, objets et manufactures du continent européen.

La Maison de Commerce

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18 Century Japan : A trading House (maison de commerce) is a company that sells goods for which it has organised the production in the neighbouring countryside and sells them in the towns. It gives the manufacturers the technical and material means to work. It’s customers, both individuals and professionals are supplied according to there needs.

Founded in Paris in 2017, La Maison de Commerce is a private company dedicated to the production, sale and promotion of a selection of hand crafted objects and materials from the European Continent.

The primary job of La Maison de Commerce is to go and see. Behind the scenes and beyond globally available information. To go and see, ie, to explore productive territories, track the production channels, touch the materials, meet the manufacturers, appreciate the savoir-faire, take in the atmosphere, observe a way of life and understand commitments.

Since April 2017, La Maison de Commerce has crossed Transylvania, navigated the Cyclades islands, trod the soil of Catalonia, plunged in to the ravines of Ségala, driven the most remote paths of the Shetland Islands and followed the Norman groves and the paths of the Opal Coast (France).

Each trip is conceived as an adventure, fed by stories, images, popular culture and conversations with sensitive and trained interlocutors such as economists, historians, artisans and entrepreneurs.

Everywhere we go, La Maison de Commerce questions the masters, more or less known, more or less successful, about artisanal production in Europe. Do they have easy and direct access to raw materials? What is their story ? What difficulties have they encountered in recent decades? How did they adapt? What are their limits today? Which channels of commerce are they connected to? What image do they have of themselves? What vision do they cultivate for their business? What do they want? What do they refuse? What are their real issues? Does European culture make sense to them? What is their view of the world and its transformations?

La Maison de Commerce wants to respond to realities and, in its own way, continue to ask questions.

Intuitively, little by little, La Maison de Commerce is building a catalogue, a directory or a collection. Its work depends the manufacturers it chooses to build a relationship with. In turn, it can be as a trader, a co-producer and an advisor.

La Maison de Commerce is sensitive to objects that houses keep and show. Simple, essential, timeless and beautiful objects. Objects for which it actively seeks to know where, by whom, with what and how they are made.

Through its collection of materials, shapes, colours and uses, La Maison de Commerce tells a European story. A story made of migrations, trade, struggles and influences.

In December 2017, La Maison de Commerce installed its offices and first show room in the Saint-Germain-des-Prés district in Paris. There it sells an evolving collection of objects, in series and bespoke pieces, all hand made.

La Maison de Commerce is in development. Trips are being planned, meetings arranged, ideas  developed, projects to be managed and places to invest. Follow us here.


Raphaël Palti & Pauline Lévêque

Pauline Lévêque & Miquel Matas i Ferrer


La Maison de Commerce
2, rue de Luynes
75007 Paris, France
+331 4321 0464

Pauline Lévêque

Miquel Matas i Ferrer


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translated by Oliver Gage

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26 Jun 2018

Nino Ferrer, “Je vends des robes”, 1969


1 Jun 2018

2 vélos, 1200 km, 12 fabricants – Voyage 008, France, juin 2018

27 Apr 2018

Voyages en Super 8, Transilvania/Cyclades/Shetland Islands, été 2017


13 Apr 2018

Excursion en Provence, avril 2018

9 Apr 2018

Entre Paris et Barcelone

7 Mar 2018

Dino Risi, “Il Sorpasso”, 1962 (extrait)


4 Mar 2018

Carte MINERVA Europe

4 Feb 2018

3 Feb 2018

Nicolas de Staël, “La route d’Uzès”, 1954

8 Jan 2018

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